Ogni progetto di successo è partito dalle basi e il nostro percorso insieme inizia da qui.


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Spark an emotion

IIF believes that investing in a project should not only promise a high profit in return, but also ignite positive feelings in the investors.

Whenever you manage to trigger a powerful emotional response, it means that your project is a remarkable endeavor featuring outstanding key factors, thanks to the passion driving its creators and promoters.

Project selection

IIF handpicks projects conceived by entrepreneurs who will keep pushing forward their development along with IFF that will support them — but not replace them — in an effort to help quickly build a path towards value creation and then manage the realization of such created value through shared interests with the original entrepreneurs.

Ideal projects must have unique, remarkable features that stand out in their own field, an elevated potential market — or total addressable market — and a vastly unexplored growth potential.

“IIF presents itself as a direct investor as well as a leader of an investor group with the intention of fulfilling a project through financial, strategic, and commercial/relational support”

No limits in terms of economic field

As it partakes in a project, IIF lays out strategic objectives shared with the entrepreneur, the eventual way-out procedures and the realization of the created value.

According to the possible, different scenarios, the way-out procedures could be: selling to a larger operator; selling to an investor; participation of an investment fund; the listing on the stock exchange.

IIF does not set limits in terms of economic field. However, it usually avoids sectors where there are already well-established operators featuring a high concentration of market shares.

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