Ogni progetto di successo è partito dalle basi e il nostro percorso insieme inizia da qui.


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Strategic direction and business model

Financial support alone is often not enough to jumpstart a project from scratch.

Laying the foundations of an efficient strategic direction and a successful business model as well as the continuous support in making relevant decisions and assisting in business development are all key elements of the utmost importance.

Project execution

Another key factor towards the fulfillment of a project is the creation of a steadfast working framework, with the addition of new specialists according to the individual needs of each business project.

IIF’s assistance provides experience, managerial keenness and contacts with key assets.

Sharing hardships

Sharing hardships and achievements is yet another key issue in an effort to get rid of the “isolation” entrepreneurs often end up feeling as they begin to lose sight of the final objective, eventually leading towards tough situations and difficult times of depression/despair or excessive enthusiasm.

We are not talking about coaching, but about supporting and assisting throughout the whole emotional journey of business development.

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Via Vincenzo Monti, 8
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